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Staff Breakfast 2021

In a bid to strengthen and further develop the IfE workforce by inspiring transformative and innovative ideas, the Administration team came up with the idea of organising the IfE Breakfast Club.  The purpose was that once every week or two, a small group of employees would prepare breakfast fast for the rest of the staff.  Being IfE, it ended up being an unofficial competition on who can be most creative in preparing breakfast. 

Christmas Decorations

The staff at IfE consider their workspace as their home, and like every other home, we decorate together.  You can see some photos below of our latest Christmas decorating activity where the whole team pitched in to decorate and obviously, we had some food and drinks as well.

Christmas Team building -17/12/2021

After an absence of two years, the 2021 Christmas team building event was something everyone was looking forward to.  This year, we went to Dingli Scouts Headquarters where we had some games and lunch together.  At the end of which, secret Santa gifts were exchanged.

April – Gozo visit

On the 29th of April, we organized another Team Building event.  We spent the day in Gozo. Visited the wonderful Old Prison at Cittadella and had a very detailed explanation of how it was used and what was found.  Later on we took a walk around Cittadella and then went for Lunch.

IfE Lunches

After the success of the Breakfast Club last year, this year we decided to change things a little bit and opted for Lunch instead of Breakfast.  That way, we would have more time together to share lunch.  Again, the creativity and competitive spirit of IfE staff prevailed, as you can see in the below photos.  We had various burgers, international cuisine, local cuisine and all trying to keep in the decided budget.

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