MJE Vol 02 No 02

Education Research 2021


This issue of the Malta Journal of Education is dedicated to the research carried out by the first cohort of course participants, who completed their Master’s Degree with the Institute for Education in 2021. The Institute for Education is not only proud of their accomplishment but also wishes to celebrate their achievement, give their research the visibility it deserves, and facilitate its dissemination to educators, policy makers and the interested public. We hope that the recommendations emanating from the research presented in the articles in this issue will prove fruitful in instilling a constructive debate on the further development of the education sector in Malta.

Selection and Editorial Board

  • Amanda Bezzina
  • Giambattista Bufalino
  • Maria Montebello
  • Heathcliff Schembri
  • Nadia Maria Vassallo
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