Micro-Placements in Industry​

The Micro-Placement Modules are integrated in qualifications offered by the Institute: The Bachelor of Education and the Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Conversion). It is also offered as an MQF Level 7 Award. 

  • Within the Bachelor of Education, the Micro-Placement module carries six (6) ECTS.

​​​For the updated Bachelor’s programme Cohort 2021 onwards, the micro-placement consists of 90 hours of training placement.

Please refer to the following link​ for further information on the programme.

  • Within the Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Conversion) programme, the module carries 10 ECTS and is a maximum of 180 hours of training placement.
  • As an award at MQF level 7 the module carries 10 ECTS a and it is a maximum of 180 hours training placement.

Course participants will be expected to submit a reflective journal where they will recount their experiences and apply inquiry-based technique to reflect on the experience gained. 

Through this module and with contributors on board we shall equip our course participants with soft skills such as: adaptability, communication, work ethic, teamwork, flexibility, time-management and problem-solving. Therefore, we will be creating a spill-over effect in transmitting 21st century skills into the classrooms.

This website provides information on the processes to followed by our course participants i.e. the students and prospective contributors​ i.e. individuals / organisations / employers who are interested in having our course participants within their workplace.

Micro-placements usually take place during the summer months; therefore, course participants are expected to make the necessary arrangements to carry out the placement.​ 

“You cannot teach today the same way you did yesterday to prepare students for tomorrow.”

John Dewey

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