Renting of Facilities

How can I book one of your venues?

Booking depends on availability and it is on a first come first serve basis. Booking can be completed by filling the booking form, (please contact IfE’s administration department on to provide you with a copy of the form). Once the form is completed, this is to be returned to IfE’s administration department for confirmation. 


Are refreshments included in the rental of venue?

Hot drinks can be purchased from the vending machines located within the premises. These will be at a charge to the participant. Should the organising entity wish to provide free hot drinks, and refreshments these should be procured and serviced by the organisers. No coffee, tea and biscuits shall be included with the renting of the venue.  In case there is going to be food delivery, the organiser is requested to inform IfE beforehand.


What equipment can I find in the venues?

Each room available for booking will be equipped with seating, tables, projector or an interactive whiteboard.  However, these do not include fixed laptops with them. Therefore, organisers are responsible to bring their own laptops.


Where can I find a description of the room layouts?

The layouts are detailed within the room descriptions (please contact IfE’s administration department on for more details). 


The room layout does not fit my requirements can this be changed?

These layouts cannot be altered.  Should the entity require an alteration to the set layout than the organisers will be responsible to effect such changes before commencement of event as well as return to the original set up at the end of the event. The Institute would require that the set-up is reverted to the original at the end of the conference. The organising committee is responsible for the good upkeep of the room.  Failure to abide with these conditions will leave no option but to refuse any future bookings.


How any people can a room host?  

Each room has a different capacity. Our rooms can host from 18 to 120 people (please contact IfE’s administration department on for more details).


What are the venue booking prices?

Each room has a different price and the organiser can choose to pay either per hour or per day. Payments need to be done prior to the event and can be made via a bank transfer. Please contact IfE’s administration department on for more details. 

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