Academic Appeals

What is the role of the Appeals Committee?

The role of the Appeals Committee is to investigate whether the policies and procedures of the Institute were abided by vis-a’-vis to the appeal received.


Who can Apply for an Academic Appeals?
Course participants have the right to appeal if:

There have being identified instances ​of procedural irregularity, meaning that, course participants can substantiate with evidence, that procedures where by-passed or breached, thus putting the course participants at a disadvantage.

Course participants can substantiate, with evidence that there has been a prejudice or bias on a personal level. 


Can I appeal if I believe that I deserve a better mark/classification?

No, mark dissatisfaction, is not a ground for appeals unless procedural irregularity or prejudice or bias can be proved.


Can I apply for an appeal if I disagree with the feedback and mark given in the assessment?

This falls within the criteria of Academic Judgement, and it is not a ground for appeals. The Appeals Committee, does not have the remit to re-assess a task nor does it delve into content of academic tasks.


Can I apply for an appeal if, I am awaiting a resit / re-attempt?

No, you cannot lodge an appeal until the official mark of the resit is published.


Can I apply for an appeal I am awaiting results from a revision of paper?

No, results from a revision of paper cannot be appealed against as the process itself entails that the assessment is blind-marked by an external examiner. 

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