Corporate Social Responsibility

Pink October High Tea

On the 5th of October, we celebrated World Teachers’ Day and kicked off Pink October. We organised a dress-down day to celebrate World Teacher’s Day which was dedicated to all educators who inspire and instil that passion for learning in each student day after day. The event was also held to commemorate Pink October 2022. All IfE members of staff were asked to wear something pink to show support towards this annual and meaningful cause. Donations for the Action for Breast Cancer were also accepted during this event. All throughout the Institute, we had money boxes and at the end of the month, we collected 150 Euro.

Collection drive for Ukraine

In March 2022, IfE Staff decided to create a collection drive for Ukraine. In 48 hours, we managed to collect:

  • 155 bags of clothing items
  • 20 boxes of Medical Supplies 54 boxes of food stuff
  • 30 boxes of toiletries

Some staff members went to help with the packing of the items donated by various people and localities, to be ably transported to Ukraine.

Sustainability... because we care about the environment

The Institute for Education cares about the environment since it will impact our future and our children’s future. The vision of the Institute is ‘To shape future generations through an ever-evolving learning environment’ and if the environment is not taken care of, then this will impact with their learning environment.

IfE staff are doing minor changes to help with a few things

  • Printing on two sides so as to minimise paper usage
  • Digitalising processes
  • Recycling

IfE is also working on the sustainability of the building and our next phase is to convert the premises to a Near Zero Energy and Carbon Neutral building. Efficient buildings, those that make highly productive use of natural resources are vital to achieving sustainable development. Our aim is to have a near to zero-carbon building that is highly energy-efficient and produces onsite carbon-free renewable energy to counterbalance the annual carbon emissions from operational activities.

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